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Get matched to the right people and companies to do business with, and message them directly. 

Mysource will use an advanced matching algorithm that means users are connected to others who are best suited to their needs and will help them to do business better. The right connections, at the right time, right to your desktop. 

Users are incentivised to provide more detail about themselves and what they're looking for in order for the best quality connections to be made.



Gain access to intelligence and training that's relevant to you, helping you to understand the market and get your product right. 

Users are matched with relevant reports, training programmes, and resources, responding to the user's needs and interests. For example, a silk supplier in India might be matched with a report on trends in silk. Some intelligence is free; premium reports and resources require users to upgrade. 



Save time on the business basics, so you can focus on the strategic stuff.

Mysource will provide a range of online business tools specifically designed for fashion professionals.. Tools will include a Lookbook building app, line sheets, range planning tools and more, supported by tutorials. 



Understand where you stand against ethical and quality benchmarks compared to your peers. 

Mysource will rank users according to an integrated benchmarking system including social, environmental and commercial criteria. Understand which businesses have the highest scores and who is trending.

Higher scores result in better search rankings and increased profile on the site. We're creating a community that rewards sustainability and drives forward better practices from one end of the supply chain to the other.

Mysource founding partners include leaders in the field of ethical and sustainability standards, such as Fairtrade Foundation, Global Organic Textile Standards, Sedex and several others.